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Recover Files with Time Machine

Use Quick Look to Preview Files
If you are a fan of Harrison Ford, you probably saw his movie Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones shares stories about a treasure hunter in search of lost items. His strategies are neat, right? However, if you have a Mac and you are currently on the dilemma of retrieving lost or deleted files, there is no need to play Indiana Jones. You can recover deleted files Mac through the Time Machine!
You can restore Mac files with Time Machine, a backup utility program created by Apple. The Time Machine is Mac data recovery software that aids you in recovering deleted files mac, without having to toil too much.
Follow these simple steps on how to recover deleted files mac:
1. Open the folder where you last saved the lost or deleted file. For instance, you have deleted a file in your Documents folder, open Documents. If you would like to restore files in your email, open your inbox. This would allow easier data recovery Mac because you are looking for the file where you saved it last. Logical step and full of impact. This narrows down your search and helps you restore Mac files faster. If in case you lost a file on your desktop, do NOT open a folder anymore. Your desktop would do just fine.
2. On the Dock, click the icon labeled Time Machine. If that icon is nowhere in the Dock, open your applications folder.
3. Look at the right side of your screen. See a dateline? Browse through it or use arrows to select the file you are looking for. Use it to your advantage. You see, the Time machine does a good job on data recovery mac. It “recalls” your files every day. Meaning, if you updated your files on April 1, you can your file under that date.
4. Select the latest version of the file you are looking for. For easier Mac file recovery, you can use the dateline feature. This would let you go back to what your file looked like on the date that you selected. If you are not sure if that is the file that you want, double click the file to preview.
5. To do file recovery Mac, select the file name and click the “Restore” button. With the Time Machine, you can do system restore Mac. You can do mac system restore, retrieve deleted files Mac, and a lot of other stuff. You can even do mac hard drive recovery with the Time Machine.
If files were accidentally erased from an application, make sure that application folder is open before you use the Time Machine.
If you are using Mac OS X, and you would like to restore an entire volume that was erased, you can do so with the following steps:
1. Choose Utilities, find the option Restore System from the Time Machine, and to proceed, click the Continue button.
2. Under the tab Select a Backup Volume click Join button. This would allow you to join your wireless network like Time Capsule.
3. Enter Network Name or click the option Show Networks to see a list of detected networks in your system.
4. Choose your preferred wireless network. If the system needs a password, enter the password, and then continue by clicking the OK button.
5. Click the Join button.
6. The Time Capsule will then appear as a Backup Volume. Select it, and then click continue to proceed.
7. Enter your name and the password used in the Time Machine preferences to log to your Time Capsule. After that, click Connect to proceed.
8. After doing that, follow the different procedures onscreen to restore your Time Machine backup to that erased volume.
If you already have a Time Capsule, skip from step 1 to step 6.
If you are using a Mac OS X 10.5.2, follow the following procedures:
1. Choose Utilities tab > Restore System from Backup. To proceed, click Continue.
2. Select AirPort network from your AirPort menu item. It is found on the right side of your menu bar. If a password is needed, provide it. Click on OK to proceed.
3. From your list, select a proper backup source. To proceed, click Connect to Remote Disk.
4. Enter your name and the password used in the Time Machine preferences to log to your Time Capsule. After that, click Connect to proceed.
5. Select the volume that you want to retrieve the files from. To proceed, click Continue.
6. To restore files mac, choose the date of the file. Proceed by clicking Continue.
7. Restore by selecting the destination volume. Remember that files on this volume will be replaced by the new files. Be careful, you might be losing other important files in the process. Once you are done selecting the destination volume, click Restore to continue with the process.
8. Click Continue to start the restoration process.
If you are already connected to your Time Capsule thru an Ethernet cable, skip from step 1 to step 3. Omit step 2.
There is another software program that can help you in recovering deleted files Mac, the MacKeeper. The MacKeeper is software developed by Apple to facilitate Mac file recovery. It keeps your system clean, fast, and reliable. Furthermore, MacKeeper can undelete mac files without letting you disassemble your computer. It does not meddle with other files so if you decide to get professional help, your files are intact and there are no lags in the system.
Being Indiana Jones with your Mac computer does not mean outdoor adventures and tumbles. You have a lot of options for Mac file recovery and undelete files that are of significant value to you and your career. Take your pick, today.

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