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Readability for iOS App Review

Readability for iOS App Review

It is always annoying when you are quickly checking emails at work only to come across various articles and blog posts you would like to read but do not have time for. You just know you will forget about them when you finally have some free time, which is why you should be using an app for collecting this kind of thing. If you are looking for one, Readability is a good place to start and it is compatible with all iOS devices with iOS 5 or later. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store now.

Readability is very easy to use. All you have to do is surf the internet as usual and when you encounter something you would like to read later, you flag it. However, rather than just saving a link to the page, Readability takes it further and actually copies the content into a more minimal format that will display just the text and images. All the content you pull from the internet gets saved on the Readability server so you will need to set up an account with them but this too is free.

When it comes to viewing the content, you can either go to the site where all your saved pages are organised into a chronological reading list, or download it to your device. The website also provides a toolbar with various features, such as Favourite, Archive, Font Size and all the usual things you might need. You can also share articles with others easily enough if you feel like discussing it.

The app makes this all much easier by downloading all your saved articles to your device so you can read them anytime, whether you are online or not. The app also has the various navigation buttons to make reading the content easier. Tapping on an article will display it in a simplified version and once you are through with it you can delete it, archive it or share it by email or social network. Whichever device you are using, you will notice that the layout is always optimised to best fit on the screen. The reading list is also easy to work through and a similar toolbar is present so you can edit it as you see fit.

The articles may be simplified but any links contained in them will remain intact and will still be active if you wish to follow them, although an internet connection is necessary for this function. The linked pages will also be pulled onto the app and simplified for your reading pleasure but you will also have the option of opening them in Safari or copying the link to clipboard.

If you want to find a way to save all those articles and other pages you wish to read later, Readability is a great way to do it. It is a very minimalistic app with a simple interface and it doesn’t offer much more than the ability to read but then that is all you need it for. If you don’t need fancy features or graphics, this is well worth your while.

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