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Raid on May Have Defeated Mac-defender

Raid on  05 Have Defeated Mac-defender

Mac-defender was the biggest attack on the Mac users in years. The threat which came apparent in May of 2011, infected a lot of less-savvy Mac users.  The problem had grow big  enough that Apple was forced to release a update with a anti-malware security fix.

Mac-Defender would be downloaded when you visited certain websites. Reports have said that once installed the program looked legit and unsuspecting users would receive warnings of viruses which may infect there system. By entering their credit card number, the user could pay to “remove” the viruses.

The problem was it was all fake. There were no viruses at all it was just a piece of software trying to trick the users into handing over their credit card numbers.
Last week, Russian police who raided ChronoPay’s offices in Moscow found otherwise. According to a source who was involved in the police action, police found an amazing amount of evidence that ChronoPay employees were running technical and customer support for a variety of fake AV programs, including MacDefender.

A coincidence or not ?

The last release of  the malware program MacDefender was released on June 18. ChronoPay’s offices were raided June 23. A coincidence perhaps or has MacDefender been hit hard.

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