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Radium : Bringing Radio to your Mac

Radium : Bringing Radio to your Mac

Twenty years ago the word ‘wireless’ meant something completely different to what it does now. Rather than meaning wireless internet the traditional term wireless was the means of listening to radio stations.

Twenty years on and you can use wireless to listen to the radio via the internet. Radium by Catpig Studios offers a complete Internet Radio player in one simple to use and low visual footprint application.

You don’t have to worry about hunting out your favourite radio stations as chances are it is already one of the thousands of stations ready preloaded in the app.

Catpig also keep the list up to date via automatic updates as new stations become available. Better still Sirius/XM, Digitally Imported, and other subscription-based services are also supported.

Radium isn’t a traditional window application instead it runs as a menu bar item so it isn’t going to clutter up your desktop work area. Radium simply offers clutter free access to thousands of internet radio stations.

I tested searching for my local radio station, (Cool FM) Radium found the station and instantly started broadcasting the current programme through my speakers.

You can adjust Radium’s volume and easily change station with a click of the menu bar icon.

Radium allows you to search for new channels by genre, country, language, city and once you find a station you particularly like click the star on its lefhand side to add it to your Favourites.

Radium offers a range of preference options including Growl notifications and the ability to update your LastFm stats.

Recently I had reason to listen to a radio station and it was interesting to how life had changed.

Twenty years ago I would have had half a dozen devices with a radio tuner, now all that remains is a bedside clock radio.

Radium is radio on steroids, thousands of channels accessible in a single click. I love it.


CatPig Studios

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