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Questioning Autism for iPhone App Review

When you have a baby or young child it is perfectly normal to panic over every tiny hint that there might be something wrong with them. It is good that you care so much, although you might lose a lot of sleep over it. One particular area of worry is the development of a child and whether there are any issues with it. There are all kinds of horror stories in the news about children diagnosed with various disorders, what may have caused it and what the parents could have done and no one wants to be the subject of such an article. However there is a new app out that helps ease your mind about at least one potential issue and that is autism. Questioning Autism? is available for the iPhone for free from the App Store now.

Questioning Autism? is an app that has been developed by Michael McWatters, a parent whose child does indeed have autism and it is designed not as a means of diagnosing your child but advising you on what symptoms to look out for before consulting a doctor. The app is very straightforward and does its job by asking you a series of questions based on your child’s behaviour in order to screen them for potential autism.

McWatters is a responsible man who would never claim to be a doctor and would not want you to react to his app as such, but he merely intends to inform parents of the signs and symptoms they should be looking out for, as well as any other similar disorders, so that parents can assess their own children to a minor extent, before deciding if a trip to the doctor is necessary or not. McWatters had to deal with a dismissive doctor who failed to acknowledge his child’s symptoms for a long time and the app has been created to help concerned parents everywhere avoid situations like this.

As well as answering the questions within the app, you can also annotate them with various notes which will be included when you send it on. Your results can be printed or emailed so you can share them with other people, friends and professionals, in order to gain more opinions on the subject before acting on it. There are also web resources and other tools included for further information on the subject.

The market is swamped with all kinds of screening apps to help identify various diseases and disorders but Questioning Autism? is one of the superior ones. While the fact that it is free helps, it is the amount of information coupled with the authenticity of its affected creator that makes it a very comprehensive and reliable teaching aid for the subject of autism. if you are concerned that your child may have such a disorder, this is one you should seriously consider consulting. It will either offer further guidance or put your mind at rest, as long as you remember that only a professional can confirm the facts for you.

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