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Pulse : Visual News Reading for iPhone

Pulse : Visual News Reading for iPhone

When it comes to keeping up to date with news via RSS there is no shortage of great news readers for both iPad and iPhone.

When the iPad was launched we went on the search for the best RSS reader (read it here) and a week later our personal favourite, the brilliant Reeder was released.

One additional RSS reader that has made its way in to my daily news reading routine is the fantastic ‘Pulse’. Originally released for iPad the app has not made its way on to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

Pulse takes a visual approach to reading news and is the first app I look at each morning to catch up on a selection of my favourite feeds. I have to say the screenshots really don’t do this application justice, it has to be seen to be believed.

Pulse on iPad

Pulse is a beautiful application that displays news feeds via (up to 20) horizontal sliders. Simply click on a feed and flick left to see the previous posts all displayed with a key image.

I follow a number of photography blogs and these look particularly stunning displayed in Pulse.

Tap a post to read the full story. In full article view you can still scroll the feeds behind the post so switching between feeds and articles is really easy.

Pulse displays posts in a clear, exceptionally readable way.  The only negative we can find it that Pulse doesn’t seem to handle the CSS for a few of the social network share plugins used on a number of WordPress blogs.

Instead of displaying the icons in a horizontal row they tend to scroll down the page. This really doesn’t detract from the main reading experience.

Pulse for iPhone / iPod Touch

The newly released iPhone version of Pulse works in the same way but designed for the smaller screen.

The iPhone version is locked to portrait mode for obvious reasons but the reading experience is just as easy on the small screen as it is on the larger iPad.

Both versions of Pulse work the same. This version is limited to 20 feeds although this is actually a positive limit.

I have selected my top 20 feeds from the 350 I subscribe to and Pulse brings me the latest news at a glance.

You can add feeds manually, chose from the featured feeds provide or import from your Google Reader account.

Both Pulse for iPhone & iPad are my first point of call when catching up with news.

Read articles are cached for offline reading and Pulse is the perfect view first thing in the morning when you brain hasn’t quite reached the awake stage.

Once I have read the headlines via Pulse I head to Reeder for a drill down of the other feeds I subscribe too.


Pulse offers the ability to share news articles with Instapaper, Twitter, Email and Facebook. I do find the fact the developers have added a @pulsepad reference when you tweet a little annoying, you can manually delete it but on a paid app I don’t think it should be there.


Pulse is the next generation news reader for mobile devices. Focusing on image rather than words to attract the reader to posts is a novel concept that has resulted in me spotting a few gems from my feeds that I might have otherwise missed.

If you want reinvent your news reading experience this app has to be on your device. To be honest the screenshots really don’t do the application justice!


Pulse News for iPad
Pulse News Mini for iPhone

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