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Protecting your Mac OS from recent Computer Crimes

Protecting your Mac OS from recent ‘Computer Crimes'

The recent editions of Mac Operating system are designed to deal with the threats of malicious programs and spreading computer viruses. Although there has been a significant increase in the development of such nasty programs, but by the same token, Mac has taken some quite effectual steps to overcome the nuisance. According to business reports, there is also a great upsurge in the number of Mac Anti-virus software.

The basic- Get antivirus software!

There are few rumors that none of the reputed anti0virus software is compatible with the lasts MAC OS X Lion, and all you have to protect your computer are the inbuilt security mechanism of the OS. Be in ease though, there are no such instances when you would not be able to do so, and you could download any renowned antivirus software to your pc. So, as your first step to deal with the rising threat of computer viruses, protect your PC by downloading a latest version of Norton or MacAfee. Now the big question- why download any software when Mac itself is said to be self-sufficient in security mechanism. Well, there is lot more viruses coming each day then the updates for MAC Os does. So quite ostensibly, the current version of Os on your PC would not be able to overcome an upcoming version of virus. On the other hand, these anti-virus software are devoted to recheck their releases each day and keeps a watchful eye on the release of all the viruses. So to be on the much safer side, you are better recommended to get a reputed brand of antivirus software on your PC.

Some recent threats to Mac OS

Over the past few weeks, Mac OS X Lion has been on the target by some of the sly virus ‘developers’, presumably the competitors to the Apple. You must be quite vigilant to save your Pc from such threats. An email has been on circulation on the web from past few days that ask the user to visit a link and download interesting themes for the OS. Now, the basic component of the mail itself suggests that this is far from authenticity. There is no such concept as ‘themes’ in the MAC Os, and it would be quite imprudent of you to consider on a word of a bogus email. The link given on the mail usually takes you to a download page of the virus. Once you download this so-called ‘themes’ to your pc, you would start experimenting something disrupting with the Pc. Quite astonishingly, the inbuilt security mechanism of Mac has not done a fair job against these threats, and so you are better advised for two things here: Firstly, never ever trust on emails from unauthorized sources, and don’t ever download things from bulletin boards on the web.  Secondly, as hinted above, get effective anti-virus software because Mac firewall is reported to have been working to overcome this- so until it gets it fixed, rely on other things.

In addition, there are quite a few ‘free USB stick’ promotions by many companies. For instance, a newly opened four-star restaurant would be distributing some free flash drives to the customers that contain advertising content for the restaurant. By the same token, these Flash drives are reported to have content that is far too distrustful for OS in general and Mac OS in particular.  Similar is the case with CD’s that you get from your grocery stores or magazine etc. “There is no need to trust on these media drives”, says an Internet security expert. So do not ever insert a USB, or place the CD in your Mac you get in such a manner, until and unless Apple itself clears off any threats from this.

So bringing the curtains down, although Mac has taken a number of effectual steps to eradicate the threats of computer crimes- but still a great deal of work is to be done. To be on a very safe side, you are better advised to install a reputed brand of antivirus, do not download stuff from unauthorized sources and do not used media you get free-of-cost. All in all, a bit of common sense would do the trick.

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