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Preparing a Flash Drive Installer for OS X

Preparing a Flash Drive Installer for OS X

Most people use the system installation disc when reinstalling OS X. But what if you are unable to open the DVD because of any reason? It is best to have a backup of the system installation disc.

But rather than copying contents from one disc to another, just create a USB installer, like the drive that arrives with MacBook Air. It is easier to transport, doesn’t scratch, and is faster than a DVD.

Plus it is easy to create. You require the original installation DVD, a DVD drive, along with a USB drive (with about 8-9 GB storage, depending upon your operating system).

Step 1

Plug in the USB drive and open disk utility. Select the option of flash drive and choose the partition tab.

Step 2

Under the volume scheme, select the number of partitions you want. One partition must be at least 8 GB in size to store operating system data.

Step 3

After defining the partitions, select the 8GB one and then click on options. Click on GUID partition. This will allow the computer to boot from this drive.

Step 4

There will be an option for volume information in partition window. Enter a name for your USB drive. Now select Mac OS X. From the drop down menu, choose partition and wait till formatting is done.

Step 5

Use your OS X installer disc and click on Restore tab. Drag the installation DVD on source file path given on the right side. Drag the flash drive to destination file path and click restore. Now disk utility will copy installation files to USB drive.

Step 6

As the disk utility finishes, you will view the OS X installer window.

To make sure the flash disk is bootable, eject the DVD but keep the flash drive plugged in. hold the option key and restart the system. Now you will see 2 options for installation: Hard drive and Installation disc. Select the installation disc and if you see a language screen, it means your work is done.

So now you have your very own flash installer disk!


How did you find this tip? Do you think a flash installation drive would be better than the DVD, or do you still prefer DVD over USB?

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