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Postbox 3.0.5 Review

Postbox has been a popular email client for some time now and many find it preferable to Apple’s OS X mail. This should come as no surprise as Postbox has always aimed to make emails as simple and user-friendly as possible and, considering how emails are the main method of correspondence these days, this can only be a good thing.

As has always been the case with Postbox, the app aims to be simple and flexible, proving particularly useful of email plays a large part in your life and you have a lot of mail to organise. Postbox does a lot of the work for you, sorting through your mail and highlighting specific contents for you, such as links and attachments, without you even having to open them. A handy search tool means you can find specific content in seconds just by typing in a name or keyword and you can have correspondence with people presented to you in the form of a conversation to better keep track of it.

This third version sees it become even quicker and within minutes of installing it your account will be fully loaded and ready to go. It integrates with your existing email account even more seamlessly than before but through Postbox it will run much more quickly and smoothly, as well as improving the interface. Simplicity is key and Postbox makes the job a lot easier by doing most of the work for you. A few clicks will have your mail organised nicely into various tabs, categories and more or less any other way you would like to see it presented.

Postbox 3 also extends its features to social networking, which is more or less a requirement for all apps these days, although you don’t need to worry about endless updates cluttering your inbox. Postbox rises above that and uses it more for integrating profile details from networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, into your contact list so you can gather up all your different contacts from across the web into one tidy location.

The growing popularity of Dropbox is also covered here as files can be put into an email either as a link or attachment with a simple drag and drop, ready to send in seconds.

This newer update of Postbox 3 should be particularly appealing to Mac users as it has joined many other apps in the Retina Display revolution and has been specially created to support the technology. Mail has never looked better and it makes sorting through all the spam a little more bearable.

Postbox has been pleasing users for a few years now and has gone from strength to strength. Once more they have improved on the previous version to create an indispensable email client, while further tweaking has made it even better looking with its Retina Display support. Postbox 3 is hugely accessible and makes email a lot simpler to deal with.

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