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Possible Concept Features of the iPhone 5s

Concept Features of the iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s is pretty much a guaranteed thing, however what is inside the 5s is much less certain.

Everyone has their ideas about the features and the concept of the new phone, but what cool things would you like to see in the new device?  Well, we are pushing the boat out real far, but these are some of the things that we would like to see in the new iPhone!



20% Thinner?

With the current iPhone 5 sitting pretty at a depth of 0.30 inch (7.6 mm), there could possibly be room for expansion on a thinner device, taking the iPhone 5s down to roughly 0.24 inch.  The actual screen size of the device will probably stay the same but the display would look amazing as a retina!



12mp iSight Camera isight-camera1

The iPhone 5 debuted with a 8-megapixel iSight camera but what if it could be so much more?  The iPhone 5s with a 12-megapixel camera would be shooting some of the most amazing photos ever before produced from a mobile device with some of the pictures compatible to some novice line DSLR cameras and could shoot video of up to 60FPS in 1080p HD



iLaser Keyboard

You currently have to tap your keys on the iPhone’s screen however what if you could project it onto another surface and then type on it without actually holding your phone.  The keyboard would be projected by dual projectors and the tops and bottom of the phone can slide out to activate the projectors on the iPhone.


Wireless Chargingggfgf

Everyone hates that phone charger around the house, your either loosing it, leaving it at work, or the dog decides its hungry!  But what if you could simply place your phone on a metallic pad and leave it to charge without the use of a wire at all.  The wireless charging industry has been trialed several times in Japan and is an upcoming feature in the mobile industry.  It sure would look good in an iPhone!


While many of these concept ideas may just be fantasy, some are starting to make their entrance into the real world, laser keyboard technology has been developed in a larger non-integrated form, wireless charging underwent successful testing in Japan and with the iPhone 5 already at 8 Megapixel technology with its cameras, how long will it be before it makes the all important jump to the 12 megapixel range!

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