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PocketCAS Pro : Algebra in your Pocket

PocketCAS Pro : Algebra in your Pocket

Back in the days when the Ford Capri was the must have car, Minder was on every Tuesday night at 9pm and Adam Ant was top of the charts computers began to make their way into homes.

I can remember clearly at the age of 7 feeling ultimately betrayed when Father Christmas instead of bringing the latest Lego kit brought a little black box.

This little black box was the Sinclair ZX81, although I can boast it wasn’t the base model but the special release that came with the 16K RAM pack. The ZX81 connected to my black and white TV, and back then I can remember reacting to it as any 7 year old today would !

Despite my quest to get my own back on Santa this little box was actually the best Christmas present I had ever received it was not only my first taste of the computer bug but it also introduced me to advanced mathematics kids double my age weren’t even being taught.

The ZX81 had all the main algebraic functions as short cuts on the rather spongy touchpad keyboard. By today’s standards it really wasn’t anymore than a scientific calculator and I have actually just discovered a 59p application that offers all the mathematical function (and more) that my ZX81 ever did in a much easier to use and graphically pleasing package.

PocketCAS Pro does everything any engineer, scientist or student studying GCSE Maths/Physics or above would ever desire.

PocketCAS is a powerful computer algebra system specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. It gives you the power to solve complicated mathematical problems within seconds, anytime, anywhere.

The PocketCAS interface is very intuitive will all the algebraic and mathematical functions easily accessible.

pocketcas1 pocketcas2 pocketcas3 pocketcas4

If you are wondering what PocketCas offers more than the calculator on the iPhone then prepare for a surprise as it is quite stunning just how powerful this application actually is :



  • Symbolic derivatives
  • Symbolic integration
  • Calculates limits of functions, series, and products
  • Taylor series expansion
  • Solves differential equations
  • Multidimensional calculus, e.g. gradient, divergence, curl etc.

Linear Algebra

  • Matrix and vector products
  • Solves systems of linear equations
  • Matrix inverses
  • Determinants
  • Characteristic and minimal polynomials
  • Eigenvalues and -vectors
  • Jordan normal form
  • Image and kernel of a matrix


  • Quadratic polynomials with symbolic solutions, e.g. roots
  • Arbitrary polynomial expressions
  • Systems of linear equations
  • Finds complex solutions
  • Symbolic solutions for differential equations
  • Newton solver available to solve arbitrary expressions

Applied Mathematics

  • Numeric differentiation
  • Numeric integration
  • Computes LU and Cholesky decompositions
  • nCr, nPr, etc.
  • Probability distributions, including quantiles
  • Calculates mean, standard deviation, covariance etc.
  • Linear, polynomial, exponential regression etc.


  • Can simplify expressions to improve readability
  • Trigonometric identities
  • Base 2, 8 and 16 in-/output plus bitwise operations (or, and, xor)
  • Custom functions: Functional programming language

Although this application might not have mainstream appeal having allowed a number of maths teachers to have a play we are awarding PocketCAS Pro a full 5/5 score for its benefit to education alone.

With the growing number of GCSE and Alevel maths students who have either an iPod Touch or iPhone this application will definitely be a brilliant addition to their home screens.

Sometimes apps like this can scare me a little in terms of their complexity but PocketCAS Pro comes with extensive in-app tutorials that make application a breeze to use and learn.

At only 59p (special release offer) it doesn’t take a mathematician to know how great value PocketCAS is for anyone who needs more than a basic calculator. PocketCAS is available now. (iTunes Link)

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