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Plugin : Create Web Slideshows with Lightroom

Plugin : Create Web Slideshows with Lightroom

As many of you know I am big fan of Adobe Lightroom and I use it to manage my libraries as well any post production work that needs done. Generally I export the images as jpg files and upload to my photo blog or use flickery to add the images to flickr.

Over the last few weeks though I have found myself creating web galleries via Lightroom’s web export feature and if you find you are bored with all the usual templates then you might be interested in “BragIt HTML Slideshow”.

The application targets users who want to publish a collection of photos to the web like a slideshow, telling a story. Visitors to the website can scroll through thumbnails of all photos, and then start the slideshow to see large photos sequentially with annotations below each photo.

SlidshowSampleThumb_600It becomes a slideshow where the viewer is in full control of when to see the next photo, and it does not require any Flash plug-in. Since the resulting slideshow is based on HTML, it is fast and requires no browser plug-ins. And visitors who use a browser that understands color management will see good colors that are close to the ones you see in Lightroom.

The resulting slideshow has a scrolling index page of all photo thumbnails, an identity plate, and an introductory description. The full frame version of each photo can have multiline captions in a compact design to make room for photos in both landscape and portrait orientation with separate bounds for width and height. When a full frame photo is clicked, it advances to the next full frame photo.

Pricing and Availability:
The plug-in has extensive choices for text labeling, fonts, layout and color controls. You can download a demo version that is free to use as much as you like, but it is limited to 10 photos. For use with more than 10 photos, purchase an unlocked version for only EUR 10.

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