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Pixuru: Turning your iPhone Pictures into Professional Quality Art

How do you print out your pictures that your take with your iPhone? Before Pixuru, I would transfer them over to my desktop, make edits, and save them to my USB drive and take them to my local photo lab. I also used online services to print them out but they usually only did the standard print outs that you would use for photo albums. What if you wanted to print them out professionally to create high-quality wall art? If so, Pixuru has you covered by offering bold print outs on canvas, wood, metal, or framed.

Pixuru is not a company that offers a print service of paper prints that you can get down at your local Wal-Mart or Walgreens. They specialize in producing quality wall art with your photos on quality material like canvas, wood, metal, and even frames. Pixuru offers sizes as small as 6×6 to as large as 30×40 and many in between for each product line.

Pixuru has a web presence that allows users to upload photos to create and purchase their art. It is a nice way to check out what they have to offer on a computer browser. However, for use it is all about their application offering for iOS devices and their quality of work.

The application is very straightforward. You will need to create an account so you can purchase your products however, without one you can still navigate their offering and test their service. It gives you the option to view their products that include frames, canvas, metal, wood, and even cases for devices. After you select the material and size it will ask you to choose a photo from three locations (Instagram, Facebook, and from device (requires your approval to view your photos).

After you select the photo, it gives you a preview so you can set the photo as you like. You can zoom in/out and move to the position you like best. The only editing is provides is the ability to rotate the picture or product used. So you want to make any changes, apply crops, or add filters be sure you do it with photo editing application beforehand.

Checkout process is simple and nicely done by Pixuru. They do a great job organizing all the information and making it easy to input the data. Pixuru checkout window is broken down into four parts. First part is the cart view which is itemized containing previews of the items you created, the size, and price of each. Next contains the box where you enter the shipping information. Then you have the calculations that includes the retail price, tax and shipping, and the opportunity to enter a discount code. The lastly you have your email address which will automatically inserted after you create your account. After everything is input correctly you can click the purchase icon. You will need a credit or debit card to finalize the sale as that’s the only payment option.

The Pixuru process is quite painless. The application makes it simple to create your art work and purchase it. Once I had the photos I wanted convert into art it took all of 20 mins to select the products and crop it to my liking. The process was very simple as the application does a great job breaking it down to ensure everything is down correctly. The payment process is broken down into four sections the first being the cart indicating all of the items you created for purchase. Next section makes the user manually complete the shipping information. Next users are giving a break down of the cost of the service followed by the commitment of purchasing. The only way to complete the purchase you will need to enter your credit or debit card information as no other options are given by Pixuru.

At the end of the day it all comes down to the quality of the end product. I ordered a 6×6 printout of four different photos that will be printed on wood, metal, canvas, and framed. After my payment was submitted it took four days to process, print, and ship my products to my. Shipping took a total of three days to arrive at my door step via FedEx. The process was painless, simple, and extremely efficient having done completed everything from Pixuru application. Only “hiccup” I came across from the entire process was that all emails from Pixuru ended up in my SPAM box but after a simple tweak all that changed. After a week of waiting the products were in my hands and they were amazing. The quality of the photo is great and Pixuru ensures quality photos printouts and if them deem unworthy they will notify you rather sticking you with a poor product. I had zero issues with any of the materials used and I can vouch for their service. It is just a matter of time I will be back ordering more printouts for myself.

The price of this service all depends on what and how you order. The larger the print out the more it will cost. I found the smallest size (6×6) to range from $20 – $25 which all depends on the material you select. The larger sizes can fetch up to $100+ per print out. The price clearly reflects on the quality of work in the final products. Pictures of these end products do not give it justice as they all look even better in person. If you are interested but you need more information or still no sure if you want to commit I highly recommend you learn more from Pixuru to see what they have to offer.

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