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Photos Instantly On All Devices With iCloud, Carousel

When you capture photos from a digital camera, you are able to see those pictures on the screen of the camera. However, in getting those pictures, there is a considerable delay of time from getting it transferred from the digital camera to the operating system. Apple has solved this problem too and the delay time is long gone. With the iCloud Photo Stream and Adobe’s Carousel have been integrated together to both capture photos from the iPhone and transfer them into your device almost instantly.

The iCloud Photo Stream

After you have signed up for a free account of iCloud you can activate the feature of Photo Stream so as to copy all the pictures to all the connected devices. Any picture which has been captured by an iPhone, an iPad or any iPod touch having a camera is saved to the roll of the camera and is also simultaneously added within the Photo Stream. The same law applies for those pictures which have been imported to an iPad using the kit of the Apple iPad.

Immediately after this act, the pictures are automatically copied to all the devices attached and which are Photo Streamed enabled. These devices include Aperture or iPhoto on Mac operating systems or Pictures file in the Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Depending on the speed of the Internet connection attached to the device, the photos will be transferred on the system within seconds.

Moreover, if you are equipped with an Apple TV the Photos can also be viewed on the HD screen by enabling Photo Stream feature on it. This is a very good way of sharing pictures with your friends and family members rather than making a crowd around the operating system or the iPad.

The iCloud application has a memory capacity of 30 days old pictures and stores the most recent 1000 images in the iOS device and Photo Stream and all is saved within your operating system. However, there is one problem with Photo Stream- you cannot delete photos from it which means you are stuck up with an accidentally captured image.

Adobe Carousel

The basic providing of Adobe is the filling up of gaps. This is also the basic concept of Adobe Carousel: adding of photos into one device and them automatically appears on the other entire device. Presently, this application is limited to Mac operating systems and iOS devices but it is expected that it will spread its roots to android devices and Microsoft Windows by the year 2012.

By making use of the free iOS apps the user can add pictures that have been captured or can import from the Photos Library. On the Mac OS X, manually adding of photos to the free application is quite an easy job.

The drawback of the Adobe Carousel is its price range. An initial 30-day trial period is offered after which an introductory price of $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year which will take effect from the first month of next year.


The integration of Adobe Carousel and iCloud Photo Stream is quite an addictive combination and any user who has used it once will definitely go for it for the rest of his Mac usage life.

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