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Photo fx Ultra : Photo Editing for iPad

Photo fx Ultra : Photo Editing for iPad

Tiffen have released an exiting update for their Photo fx range of apps in the form of Photo fx Ultra for iPad. Photo fx Ultra offers an elegant new user interface that takes full advantage of the increased screen size.

Included with the iPad app is a new Color Correct filter, more filter presets and parameter choices, search capability, the ability to share filter effect set-ups with Tiffen’s Dfx Digital Filter.

The good news is you don’t need to buy the iPad camera attachment to use Photo fx Ultra, the application will enhance any photo stored on your device (synced by iTunes or emailed).

Multiple layering i.e. the ability to add more than one effect or filter to a photo, masking and “finger painting” controls are all easily accessed from the user friendly icons that border the large image area.

The application is particularly versatile. In the image above I add a ND filter (12) and then decided to make the photograph black and white. To do this I added a new layer and then applied the additional filter.

I decreased the brightness of the photo and for no other reason than putting the app through its paces I decided to bring out the rain by applying a blue filter. I manually adjusted the strength of the filter using the sliders on the bottom right of the screenshot.

I added three layers (Graduated filter, you can see the outcome on flickr here and here), black and white and tint. I then saved the photo and was able to share it via email directly from the iPad.

Photo fx Ultra is a powerful mobile photo enhancer and works marvels on your photos while on your road. As well as being able to add filters and effects you can crop, straighten and correct photos easily. This could be a really brilliant additional tool for the mobile blogger or photo enthusiast.

Key Features include:

Choose from 68 filters organized into 7 different filter groups
Select from a total of 836 presets
Try one of the 65 different color or black and white film looks
Add realistic diffusion to photos using a library of 50 interesting textures
Create natural lighting effects using 117 different patterns
Choose from 27 grain presets to simulate popular motion picture film stocks
Add multiple filters without saving
Selectively apply filters by painting a mask
Modify filters with sliders, on-screen controls or presets
High resolution support up to 2048 pixels
Edit in portrait or landscape mode
Crop, Rotate, Straighten
Zoom into the image with the Close-Up Lens filter
Compatibility with the still image editions of the Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter software
Quickly search for filters and presets
Integrated Help

Photo fx Ultra isn’t ever going to be an alternative to Apple Aperture or Adobe Lightroom but what it does offer is a versatile photo enhancement tool that is great when away from your desk. It is definitely going to be a worthy tool for avid photographers and bloggers.

Links :

Flickr Photos
Photo fx Ultra is priced at $5.99. (?3.49)

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