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Pearl Jam Arrives for iPhone

Pearl Jam Arrives for iPhone

If you are a fan of Pearl Jam then you might be very interested in this latest official application for the iPhone / iPod Touch. The Pearl Jam application is a unique and interactive component to Pearl Jam’s web site and the band’s bona fide fan club, Ten Club. It offers Pearl Jam songs, music videos, tour dates, photos, news and a working record player to boot.

Features :

  • Check out the latest news from Pearl Jam
  • Join the Ten Club
  • Access to your Ten Club member account from anywhere
  • Modify your Ten Club online profile

Media :

  • A comprehensive collection of every song Pearl Jam has created — including snippets for most songs
  • Detailed track data with snippets for every album on iTunes
  • Song details including set lists for live performances, lyrics and more
  • Releases and one stop shopping for all official Pearl Jam albums
  • Official Pearl Jam YouTube videos
  • Interactive record player with 3 bundled songs from Backspacer

Tour :

  • Upcoming tour dates
  • Past set lists — giving you mobile access to a chronology of every song ever played live by Pearl Jam
  • Tour map with live updates of tour information
  • Tour photos with pinch, zoom and flick abilities
  • Dynamic show beacon that blinks in time to the ambient sound while at a concert or rocking out in your own home


  • Complete access to the Pearl Jam forums.
  • Ability to post and ready almost anywhere.
  • Read and share in the Pearl Jam community.

I am a massive Pearl Jam fan and this application offers a novel way to access the Tenclub website. Is it worth ?1.19 ? well I think any Pearl Jam fan would probably not even look at the price before hitting the “buy” button. For everyone else though, well I would suggest checking out the Pearl Jam website for most of the same content and if you haven’t bought the new album yet then this should definitely be your first purchase before the iPhone app.

Get the App

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