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Pages, Numbers and Keynote Update for iOS Review

Pages, Numbers and Keynote Update for iOS Review

Anyone who uses Apple’s iWork apps for iOS will be pleased to know that Pages, Numbers and Keynote have now been updated to version 1.7 and in doing so have helped bridge the gap between iWork and Microsoft Office for easier collaboration. So how have the apps in question changed?


Word processing program Pages has received a whole range of new features that makes it work more seamlessly with Microsoft Word. For the first time the app now has Change Tracking, which allows you to keep track of any changes made to a document you are editing. It also gives you control over the changes and you can choose to accept or reject them once you have reviewed them. Any imported documents from Word with tracking enabled can also be reviewed this way for further editing in iOS. These changes will remain in place if you export it back too. Other features include some nice visual effects for shapes, object locking and a way to import calculations in tables.

Numbers has been tweaked to give you more control over the design. Rows and columns can now be hidden or unhidden while importing and exporting has also been greatly improved. Rich text in tables will be unaffected after importing and it is much easier to move work between Mac and PC without losing any of it in the transition. Whether using a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or Numbers for Mac, you can send them back and forth for easier collaboration. Shapes and objects are also more customisable now in this updated version.

Keynote now works much better in tandem with Microsoft Powerpoint and so whichever platform you are using primarily, you can easily send it over to the other and continue work on it. Any slides you create in either program can be exported in the correct size and will be received in the same state to allow for further editing on its new platform. The same goes for presentation themes, which can be sent between Keynote and Microsoft Office, while all preset styles will still be in place on receiving it. Whatever action builds you have implemented on a slide in Keynote, such as move, rotate or scale, will still be present in Powerpoint and can be played back as such. In addition to this you can also add transitions from Powerpoint and they will still work in Keynote when the slide is sent back. A new print layout has also been added with various options to further customise your slides.

If you have yet to use these apps then Pages, Keynote and Numbers can all be purchased from the App Store for $10 each but if you already have the older versions of any of them and would like to upgrade them then the 1.7 update is available for free. All apps require iOS 5.1 or later to run and they are compatible with the iPad, iPhone and third-generation iPod Touch.

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