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Images Surface Of A Larger iPhone 6

With CES now well underway it is about time we heard some news regarding Apple other than more iPhone & iPad cases. Today we seen two images surface on a Chinese website CTech […]

Lenovo Plans To Use Motorola To Exceed Apple & Samsung

Lenovo has been in the spot light ever they surprised us with the recent acquisition of Motorola from Google. Lenovo’s CEO, Yuanqing Yang did an interview with American news website CNNMoney in which he talked a […]

Sell your pictures – Clashot App Review

Do you feel like you have a newspaper worthy front-page magazine celebrity shot? Don’t want to get ripped off by big agencies? Clashot aims to fix this problem by providing an Instagram style […]

iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 Launching In March?

iPad Mini Expected to Launch 10ober 23rd

It looks like it could be a very interesting start to 2013 for Apple!  The release dates for products have been changing significantly within the last two years with hardly any being released […]

Details Leaked About The iPad 5

Apple have been pushing new generations of the iPad more than any other product and that shocked everyone back in October 2012 when they announced the 4th generation iPad, only 7 months after […]

Is This The iPad 5th Generation ?

The last few weeks have seen many fifth generation iPad and iPad Mini 2 rumors and ideas floating around the internet.  Tonight we have a very interesting image that not only puts these rumors into a new […]

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