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Gorilla Glass 3 To Be Shown Off @ CES 2013

This time last year Corning showed us the next generation of Gorilla Glass at their booth. The new glass was 20% stronger and 20% thinner and did not fail to impress in multiple […]

150 Student Scholarships Available For WWDC 2013

Apple is once again offering 150 spaces for student scholarships to go to WWDC 2013 which was announced earlier today. The scholarship offers student developers then opportunity the chance to attend the conference […]

WWDC 2013 Tickets Available Now

Yesterday Apple announced their annual WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC 2013)  will be in San Francisco from June 10 through to June 14. Tickets for WWDC 2013 have just this second gone on sale for $1,599 […]

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