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Twitter #music Released for iOS

When I first heard that Twitter was entering the music, I was quite confused. I imagined using a music service like Spotify but instead with Twitter branding. It is actually very different then […]

iTunes Still Dominates Digital Music Sales

And yet, with Spotify, Amazon Music, Napster etc you’d think iTunes would have trouble keeping its popularity up. However, in the usual Apple fashion, iTunes still dominates 65% of all digital music downloads. […]

iPhone 5S Mute Button And Camera Leaked

Here we go again, more leaks about Apple’s next generation phone, the iPhone 5s (or cheaper iPhone, no-one knows). For those of you who want an upgrade or are still clinging onto your […]

More iPhone 5S Leaks – Front Facing Camera details

It wasn’t long ago when we published some of the photos that showed the ‘supposed’ new iPhone mute button. Now, NoWhereElse, have published images that reportedly show the iPhone 5S‘s new front facing […]

Chat App Usage Beats SMS

Recent reports have come in to show that surprisingly chat apps like WhatsApp have overtaken traditional SMS messaging. Internet based messaging apps now have been reported to send on average 19 billion messages […]

Apple Release IOS 5 To Developers

Apple released there latest edition to the IOS Family at WWDC (World Wide Developers Confrence) along with a lot more great features but no iPhone 5 which a lot of people were expecting. […]

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