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Apple Releases iPhone 'Music Every Day' Commercial

Apple has just uploaded a new iPhone 5 commercial to their YouTube channel. The new ad is called ‘Music Every Day’ and comes just weeks after they released ‘Photos Every Day’.  The new […]

Is iOS 7 Being Tested In Jakarta Indonesia?

With WWDC just around the corner and rumours of iPhone 5S and iOS 7 all over the headlines, the MacReviews team noticed a very interesting statistic from our site today. While checking some […]

Popular iOS App, Mailbox Has No Data Protection At All

Back in December 2012 Orchestra unveiled Mailbox which is a email client for iOS. The app had huge success straight after release and was acquired by Dropbox back in March 2013. Now iOS developers Subhransu […]

Snorg Geeky T-Shirts

Snorg T-shirt make clothing for geeks are anyone who is looking for a bit of fun. Snorg was started back in May 2004 and have continued to grow and have recently even sent […]

Top 5 iOS Apps for March 2012

Top 5 Apps – March 2012 Hello and welcome to Top 5 Apps for March 2012 This month has seen some real shockers released into the world of apps and I believe that […]

iPhone 5C Case Now Available On Amazon

Rumours about the cheaper iPhone which is now widely known as the iPhone 5C have been doing the rounds recently. It seems that some case companies have faith in these rumours or some […]

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