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Apple Fingerprint Scanner Details Leaked In Patent

More information has been leaked regarding the new iPhone 5S’s home button revealing an increased chance that it will have a built in fingerprint scanner. The recently found patents seem to explain how […]

iOS 6 Beta 3 Released to Developers

The third Beta of iOS 6 has today been released to developers by Apple.  The next generation mobile operating system, set for release “this fall” is expected to launch alongside the iPhone 5 […]

Apple Buy's Fingerprint Company AuthenTec

Apple has purchased security firm AuthenTec

Bio-metric security company AuthenTec has been snapped up by apple for $356 million (?226 million)! AuthenTec specialises in fingerprint- and iris-recognition and there is a good possibility that the next generation iPhone could feature […]

Apple becomes most valuable company EVER

Renewed optimism over Apple

Microsoft, today became the second most valuable company in the world after Apple replaced it at the top spot! The company’s stocks hit a new high of $664 (?422) a share today during […]

$800 iPhone 5 Rumours abound on Twitter

There are several trending topics on twitter this evening regarding the iPhone 5 or “the new iPhone” as its now expected to be called.  The rumours are, that there is a possibility on […]

iPhone 4S Released Worldwide Today

The iPhone 4S was released today and people have finally been introduced to SIRI! with the iPhone 4S pre-orders hit a whopping 1 million in a day! Apple shares have gone up 2.8% […]

iPhone 5 Sold Out in Less than 1 Hour

Within just under one hour of going on sale in online Apple Stores worldwide, the iPhone 5 was sold out in less than 1 hour! This came after Apple announced that the next […]

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