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Google Now For iPhone & iPad Promo Video Leaked On YouTube

Google Now the prediction app was first introduced when Google released  Ice Cream Sandwich.  A promotional video which was posted today on YouTube now suggests that we maybe seeing it ported to iOS in the coming days. The video […]

Google Now Has Not Been Submitted To Apple For Review

Earlier today at the Big Tent Summit Google’s Eric Schmidt suggested that it was Apple’s fault that Google Now for iOS has still not been released. This suggestion come after the Google Executive was […]

Audssey Audio Dock Air Review

We have had the the Audssey Audio Dock Air for a good few months now which has allowed me to make sure I have put it through it through quiet a lot of tests. This […]

How To Close Open Apps In iOS 7

With Apple releasing iOS 7 to the public yesterday some people are still struggling to find their way around. One of the main confusions seems to be how to close apps which are […]

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