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Apple Online Store Down Ahead of iPhone 5 Keynote

With the apple iPhone 5 (and other exciting products) keynote hours away, the official  store has been taken down. The downtime is expected to last a few hours while apple update the website […]

iPhone 5 Event Crashes Ustream.tv Servers

There are reports today that Ustream.tv had to restart their servers due to the 500,000 or so people tuning in to watch several live shows on the iphone 5 announcment. As you are […]

Do Not Disturb iOS Glitch Now Fixed

{EAV:b1b84417daea7b7b} iOS 6 did not get off to a good start with the Do Not Disturb feature being disabled on schedule after the feature was developed on the Gregorian calendar which basically meant that […]

Apple Stores Down Worldwide [September 13th]

Apple stores worldwide have once again gone down today (September 13th 2012). We at MacReviews believe that this may be to update the UK prices for the products that were announced at yesterdays keynote in […]

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