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Tubestick Review

When it comes down to watching and recording TV on a computer Apple definitely have some of the best of systems available. Previously we have covered the great Elgato range of tuners that […]

Navigon Navigator Review

Exactly a year ago this month my excitement about the new iPhone 3G started to heighten. The already excellent mobile internet device was about to get the GPS work over. Rumours of turn […]

Removing Ad breaks in EyeTV

So you have an AppleTV and you record television to your Mac via the great Elgato EyeTV software. One of the minor annoyances I find with the Apple TV is trying to rewind or […]

iPhone 3GS Launch Day

I was lucky enough to attend this year’s Macworld awards in London on the eve of the iPhone 3Gs. The event was exciting, packed with proud trophy weekders and entertainment it went on […]

10 Twitter E-Safety Tips

I was asked where Twitter fell with general e-safety guidelines and unlike most social networking services twitter can offer a mass of very public information and although the content can be limited to […]

5 Top iPhone Apps for Teachers

Rather than focus on iPhone software with a specific educational purpose. I have decided to compile my top 5 applications for making life easier for the tech savy teacher. In actual fact the […]

Song Genie Review

There is nothing more frustrating that putting a music CD into your computer to find iTunes can not identify the album or song. A long list of “Title 1? and a long time […]

EyeTV 3 Review

For the last number of years we have been using EyeTV to record films and TV from our UK digital television channels. Initially the recordings were syncronised with an iPod that was then, […]

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