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Top Finance Apps for Mac

Having switched to Mac about four years ago the only application I miss on Windows is Microsoft Money. I spent years entering transactions, tracking investments and sticking to budgets and at times it […]

The Mac Mini Media Center

Having been a massive fan of the AppleTV a number of friends have been pushing me towards the idea of a Mac Mini media server. To date I have fought the idea mostly […]

Flickr for iPhone

Anyone who uses the Flickr photo sharing website will already be aware that the iPhone is one of the most popular cameras used in the 3000 photos uploaded each and every second. Well […]

Live TV for iPhone

Live TV on the iPhone is now even more enjoyable. The iPhone app that allows you to stream Live TV to the iPhone now displays viewer ratings, the remaining duration of currently running […]

Guitar Rig Session Review

Integrating the power of the Apple Mac into my guitar processing set up has always been a bit of an ambition. I have even addressed Guitar and Garageband in a previous post. Having […]

Civilization IV Gold

Gaming has improved significantly for Mac thanks for companies like Aspyr. Last year we reviewed Call of Duty 4 for Mac that dominated the first person shooter market for most of the year, now […]

TV Guide for iPhone

When Apple released the new ‘Remote App‘ for iPhone featuring gesture control of both you computer and AppleTV media libraries I couldn’t help but get excited.

Keynote to YouTube

Over the last few years I have tried to move away from the traditional paper handout and explore offering course material in a range of different formats. With Apple Keynote I have offered […]

Recording Guitar with Garageband

Anyone who has ever attempted to record music in a home studio via a (simple) four track will know only too well the pain and agony that runs parallel to the process. A […]

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