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Dropzone Review

Computing has changed dramatically over the last few years impacting on the very way we all work. We are the digital sharing generation, file sharing, photo & video sharing, blogging, twittering offer us […]

SimplyTweet offers Push

I now have more Twitter apps on my iPhone than games or productivity tools. This weeks sees the release of the twitter app with native push notifications. SimplyTweet for iPhone offers push notification […]

Creating a Gravatar

If you visit a number of blogs regularly and ever comment on posts you will know that some users have images appearing beside their comments.

How To : Smart Mailboxes

If you are involved with any sort of Web 2.0 and social networking activities you will be no doubt swamped by emails.

Sync Address book with Facebook

If you use Address Book in OSX you will know how powerful an application it is. You can store a stack of information about your contacts and even add custom fields to allow […]

faf : Mark McCall

When it comes to home automatic and domestic gadgetry advice there really is only one website to turn to and that is Automated Home. Home automation expert Mark McCall has been running the […]

How To: iTunes DJ

One of the most interesting updates to iTunes 8.1 is the addition of the iTunes DJ playlist. Currently my iTunes library contains over 4000 songs. Instead of culling the songs I don’t listen too […]

Wolfenstein 3D Review

We love our computer games but these days most of our gaming takes place on the Xbox 360 and more recently Mac but growing up a number of PC ignited the industry one such […]

NetNewsWire for iPhone 2.0

Today sees the release if NetNewsWire 2.0 for iPhone and like the desktop version now offers full sync with Google Reader rather than NewsGator.

Vocalia Review

Probably one of the newest features iPhone 3G customers envy in the 3GS is the handy ‘Voice Control’ recognition capabilities. The iPhone voice recognition enables users to say “Call enter any name here” […]

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