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Mobile Receipt for iPhone

If you have ever had to keep a detailed record of your expenses you will know what a laborious task it can be to keep receipts and totals for the end of year […]

iStopMotion : Animation for the Masses

iStopmotion is one of the best (and easiest) animation applications I think have used. The interface is simple and the quality of the output is brilliant coping with video sources from iSight to […]

DrawRace Review

During the summer holidays I spent a fair bit of time gaming on the iPhone. If it wasn’t a quick game of Flight Control (review link) I was trying to beat family members […]

Got an iPhone? Get Ping!

Over the last view days I have been playing with Ping! a currently free instant messaging service for iPhone owners that makes use of the Apple Notifications service.

5 tips for better DSLR Video on a Mac

High Definition video has now made its way from the high end cameras to many domestic digital SLR cameras. Having recently upgrade my loyal Canon 450D to the new 500D to gain the […]

Competition : Win a copy of Wallet

Welcome to our first ever subscriber competition, I am just hoping it is going to go as planned. Acrylic Apps have given us a full copy of their secure password and serial code […]

Juice up your iPhone

When Apple first announced the iPhone they weren’t just releasing an iPod with phone compatibility they were revolutionising the entire smartphone market.

EyeTV app for iPhone Review

Elgato has released the EyeTV app for iPhone and iPod touch. With the EyeTV app,  you can now watch live TV and recordings on an iPhone and even browse the detailed program guide.

Wallet : Secure your Digital Life

Back in the days when I used a Pocket PC and a windows computer I used a great application called CodeData to store all my software serial numbers and growing lists of passwords.

Guitar Hero World Tour : Air Guitar Heaven

If you reserve your guitar playing antics to the living then you are going to love the latest update to the Mac Guitar Hero series. Following on from the massive success of Guitar […]

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