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Gorillamobile comes to iPhone

If you are a keen photographer and use the Flickr site you will know that the iPhone has become one of the the most popular cameras for sharing photographs online. Now with the […]

Tuffwrap : Tuff to Beat

I have also been a keen believer in protecting your most valuable assets. Cricket boxes, baby car seats cycle helmets and of course the invaluable iPhone case. I have been protecting my mobile assets […]

57 Years of Barcodes comes to iPhone

Today sees the 57th anniversary of the birth of the data storing barcode. Google changed their front page to have “Google” as a bar code. (See the video below).  It seemed like the […]

Win : Call of Duty 4

This week’s special Win Wednesday is a chance for one lucky RSS subscriber to walk away with a copy of the brilliant Call of Duty 4 shooter for Mac. To be in with […]

Compressed Security with BetterZip

This is a little bit of an exploration post to find out how the TotalApps community secure files for transport via email. In a technological era of moving our valuable data to ‘cloud […]

Moving from iPhoto to Lightroom

One of the nicest non photo-related aspects of Lightroom is its ability to library files without moving them to a new location. If you have an iPhone or especially an AppleTV then you […]

Setting up EyeTV Remote Access

This week we looked at the brilliant EyeTV App for iPhone and iPod Touch. The mobile application allows you to watch live and recorded TV over your local area network and with a […]

Converting DVD for AppleTV

So you have invested your hard earned cash in an AppleTV, you have added all your home video, music, photos and podcasts and you want to add some of your full films to […]

faf: Jose Picardo

Educational Technology and Elearning are areas of teaching close to my heart. Leading educational technologist  Jose Picardo is Head of Modern Foreign Languages in Nottingham and believes fervently in making education compatible with […]

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