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New : EyeTV DTT the smallest full-featured DVB-T stick

Elgato have just announced the new EyeTV DTT Deluxe, an almost impossibly tiny and beautifully designed DVB-T stick that is barely larger than a USB connector. EyeTV DTT Deluxe delivers powerful DVB-T (Freeview) […]

Book Review : Photojojo

Last month the creative force behind Photojojo!, a site with 160,000 monthly readers devoted to ‘the world of things you can do with your photos and camera released their very first Photo tips […]

iPhone TV Catchup

Imagine a TV streaming service completely designed and optimised for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Imagine all the main UK TV channels, BBC 1, BBC2, Channel 4 etc available live in your hand […]

Keynote v PowerPoint

Yesterday I was involved in an interesting debate over the virtues of PowerPoint over Apple Keynote. The argument was more or less based on the idea that a suite of applications (iWork) can […]

Cloud Computing : Keynote

So you’re a poor student and claim you can’t afford to buy iWork but still need to produce that all important presentation for yesterday, well if you have an internet connection you can […]

Unboxing : Guitar Rig 4 Kontrol

Every so often I get really excited about a new technological release and the announcement of Guitar Rig 4 is on exception. Today I took receipt of a Guitar Rig Kontrol unit. Up […]

Hands On : Keynote for iPhone

One Keynote App that can be easily overlooked is the brilliant Keynote Remote utility.  In business and education staff battle presenting PowerPoint presentations using keyboards, mice and a few bluetooth, radio remotes.

Boost your Ego via your iPhone

If you run your own blog, no matter what the topic you no doubt check a range of different statistics. There will be your feedburner subscription statistics that tell you the number of […]

Mourning Time Capsule

A new site has made its way on to our internet radar and it is dedicated to the Apple Time Capsule network backup device. Generally websites dedicated to a single device tend to […]

Star Wars : The Force Unleashed

The run up to this year’s Christmas season sees yet another exciting release for the Mac gamer in the form of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith […]

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