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WifiPhoto for iPhone

If you have ever had to transfer a photo or screenshot from your phone to a computer that isn’t your own you will already be aware of the pains of having to email […]

Win Week : Elgato EyeTV DTT Deluxe

We are very excited to announce a very special competition this week. Hot on the heels of Elgato announcing the brand new EyeTV DTT Deluxe we are offering one lucky (European) reader the […]

Create your own Mail.app Icon

Many of you will know that it is possible to change the default mail.app icon but did you know creating your own has never been easier ? Well thanks to John Godfrey we […]

Curio : The Creativity Powerhouse

When I switched to Mac from years as a Windows user the two applications I missed the most were Microsoft Money, (although the UK version has ceased to be updated) and Microsoft OneNote. […]

EyeTV Back on Apps Store ? {Updated}

We have just received news that Apple have removed Elgato’s EyeTV App from the iTunes to Apps Store. The problems that an error in a message dialogue box allowed the application to stream […]

Guitar Rig 4 : Full Review

Not too long ago guitarists had to rely on arrays or individual stomp boxes or expensive rack equipment to obtain the guitar tone of their dreams. Furthermore recording guitar tracks was a complicated […]

Overview: Google Street View

Last February Google activated their Street View service in a number of UK cities including Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast. The Street View service has raised a number of privacy concerns but those aside […]

Time Freeze in Final Cut

As you know we are massive fans of Daniel Wallace / Tim Burton’s Big Fish film. One the scenes we attempt to replicate in teaching basic Final Cut techniques is the time freeze […]

5 Tips for Animation Success

Joel Simon is one of Ireland’s most successful and award winning animators. Joel started the Flickerpix studio a number of years ago winning an IFTA award for the brilliant ‘Horn OK Please’ and […]

faf : Keith Lang

Keith Lang is a Co-founder and Interaction Designer at plasq.com, makers of the Award-Winning Comic Life and Skitch. Keith has taken time to outline is five favourite Apps he uses on his Mac […]

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