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Guitar Rig 4 and Mac Audio

Native Instruments really have created the ultimate all in one guitar processing system for Mac. All you need is the Guitar Rig Kontrol Edition (read our review) and a Mac to easily recreate […]

Win Week : Screenflow 2.0

Our love of Screenflow 2.0 doesn’t end with our review as the nice people at Telestream have given us two copies of the brilliant Screenflow 2.0 application to give away to our readers. […]

Screenflow 2 Review

Telestream have just released version two of their incredible screencasting application Screenflow. We were lucky enough to be amongst a team of beta testers and I have been busting to talk about the […]

Top Five Uses for Dropbox

We recently compared the Dropbox cloud file storing service with Apple’s MobileMe (read the article here).  Still new to using Dropbox we asked veteran user @ColinNapier to take us through his top five […]

PocketCAS Pro : Algebra in your Pocket

Back in the days when the Ford Capri was the must have car, Minder was on every Tuesday night at 9pm and Adam Ant was top of the charts computers began to make […]

Eye-Fi hits the UK : Full Review

Recently we reported that the brilliant Eye-Fi wireless SD card was finally making its way to the UK (read the post). Well, this morning I am more than excited to have escaped the […]

Delibar : Delicious for Mac

I have been using Delicious on and off for a few years now. I go through phases of using it every day through to months of not going anywhere near the social bookmarking […]

Apple refresh Macs and Announce Magic Mouse

Today Apple have refreshed four key hardware lines. The iMacs received the largest overhaul with an updated design and 21.5 and 27 inch screens (The 24″; option has now gone). The plastic Macbook […]

The Perfect Joby for Photography

I originally wrote this review for another website but am sure the TotalApps photography group will enjoy my look at the Joby Gorillapod SLR. It is difficult to miss the boom in the […]

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