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The LEGO Apple Store

I thought a few of you might find this quite cool, its a LEGO version of an Apple store. It was spotted at the launch party of Jon Lazars most recent book, Arduino and […]

Apple Release iOS 7 Beta 5

As expected Apple has just released iOS 7 Beta 5 to developers. Beta 5 is now available via over-the-air which you can do by going on Settings > General > Software Update. iOS 7 beta […]

Apple Set To Take Mobile Payments This Fall

Apple have announced they will be taking mobile payments from their customers this fall.   If your looking to use your smartphone or tablet as a mobile credit card this year then it […]

Apple Set To Face Privacy Lawsuit Over Chinese Report

Apple are set to face a privacy lawsuit over a Chinese TV report raised security concerns about the iPhone’s location-tracking functions.   Chen Ma has filed a US class action lawsuit and alleges that Apple has […]

New iPad 4 Launched at Apple Event

The iPad 4 launched today at apples keynote address with some amazing and unexpected features! Here are the current stats that we know A6X Processor 10 Hour Battery Facetime Front HD camera LTE […]

Apple Release iPad Mini At Todays Keynote

Apple today released the iPad Mini alongside their 4th Generation iPad! : Here are the amazing Specifications : 7.2MM Thick Thin as a Pencil 0.68 LBS Black and White 7.9″; Inch Display 1024 […]

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