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LIVE: Apple CEO Tim Cook Goes Head-to-Head With U.S. Senators

The Cupertino company, Apple inc. is currently going head-to-head with U.S. Senators at a committee hearing which plans to examine the tax avoidance strategies resulting in Apple saving $13.8 billion in taxes. CEO Tim Cook, CFO Peter […]

Case Manufactures OtterBox & LifeProof Reach A Deal

At todays CTIA conference, popular case manufacture OtterBox announced it has closed the deal to acquire Lifeproof who manufacture waterproof, shock proof, dust proof and snow proof cases. OtterBox currently hold 23% of the case market and […]

iOS 7 Allows You To Finally Block Phone Numbers

It really seems that Apple has listened to its users after ignoring them for the last couple of years. Users have been wanting to be able to block certain phone numbers from being […]

What Apple Fan's Think Of iOS 7

Apple announced iOS 7 earlier this week at their World Wide Developers Conference and it has received a very mix reaction from developers around the world but what about them most important people, […]

Apple Release iOS 7 Beta 2

Just 14 days after Apple released iOS 7 beta 1 at their World Wide Developers Conference, today Apple has released the 2nd beta to developers.The update is currently available OTA (over the air) […]

iMessage Outage Affecting 30% Of Users

A couple of you have been in touch to let us know about an iMessage outage and now it has been confirmed by Apple that iMessage suffered an outage earlier today for around 30 minutes […]

Liveblog: Apple Q3 2013 Earnings

Apple is set to announce earnings for the third fiscal quarter of 2013 on tonights call starting at 10pm GMT ( 2:00pm Pacific Daylight Time).As the title suggests we are live blogging the […]

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