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How Hackers Accessed Apple's Computers Via iPhoneDevSDK.com

Yesterday we reported that some Apple employee’s laptops had been hacked after they were used to visit the well known iPhone developer forum iPhoneDevSDK. Today the owner of iPhoneDevSDK Ian Sefferman released some infomation […]

Apple Attacked By Hackers And They Were Successful

Apple avoided ?550 Million In British Taxes in 2011

Reuters have reported that Apple has said that they were attacked by the same group of hackers who hacked Facebook earlier this week. The hackers have reportedly been successful in infecting a “small number” […]

AAPL Hits A 52 Week Low Of $429.46

Apple’s shares have fell to a new 52 week low today of $429.46 but have since started to slowly clime again and are now up just 1.52% to $434.70. It is hard to believe just […]

Pandora's CEO Joseph Kennedy Is Stepping Down

Music streaming service Pandora has today announced their CEO Joseph Kennedy is stepping down from his position. Pandora announced the news after announcing the companies fourth-quarter earnings shares jumped up 19% in after hours […]

Phil Schiller Gets Offensive Towards Android & Samsung

Apple’s SVP has today spoke to the The Wall Street Journal in an interview which heard Phil Schiller get offensive against Android and Samsung Mr. Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of world-wide marketing, […]

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