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Apple Release iOS 6.1.2 To The Public

Apple has just released iOS 6.1.2 to the public for iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch. The update fixes the Exchange bug which was in iOS 6.1, improves battery life and also better […]

Apple Airs New iPad Commercial During The Oscars

During last nights awards ceremony known as the Oscars Apple decided to splash out on a new TV commercial on the iPad aimed at Filmmakers. The advert was named Hollywood and showcased a […]

Apple To Release The iWatch Within The Next 9 Months

Bloomberg have not been shy about speaking out about the iWatch and earlier this year reported that Apple have a team of around 100 product designers focusing on the device. With rumours becoming more and […]

Apple's iWatch Will Run iOS

Earlier reports from Bloomberg suggested that we would see the iWatch with in the next 9 months but now The Verge has added to the story and said that the new iWatch will […]

Forget About That Apple Gaming Controller

We published an article on a recent rumour from Pocketgamer which suggested that Apple would hold be holding an event later this year to show their new gaming controller. The Loop‘s Jim Dalyrmple has just published […]

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