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Russia Eyes Apple Code as Cold War Tensions Mount

Russia has ordered Apple to hand over its source code with Moscow fearing iDevice’s are being used as spying products. Russia has been causing many problems in the world lately and it now […]

Apple Announce Beats Layoffs While Top Jobs Stay

Apple has announced it is laying off some 200 staff from their Beats acquisition while several top jobs will remain. If your looking for Trent Reznor, Ian Rogers, and billionaire Dr. Dre, then […]

Apple Announce iPhone 5S In-Store Replacement Service

Apple have announced they will begin replacing damaged or broken iPhone 5S screens on August 4 with their in-store replacement service. Apple currently have the technology to replace most screens on iPhones while […]

Apple Launch CNBC and Fox Now Channels On Apple TV

Apple has launched several new TV channels to its Apple TV service including Fox Now and CNBC channels.   Apple has today launched several brand spanking new TV channels to its Apple TV range […]

Back To School With Apple And Sales Tax Holiday's

Apple has launched an updated information page on its website along with a corresponding email with details on how consumers can take advantage of back to school savings. The idea behind this years […]

Apple Aquires And Removes Swell Application

Apple has acquired concept Concept.io and in turn, the company’s Swell Application for iOS, however to users dismay it appears to have been closed down. Swell was one of the best pod-casting apps […]

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