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Overview: Google Street View

Overview: Google Street View

Last February Google activated their Street View service in a number of UK cities including Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast. The Street View service has raised a number of privacy concerns but those aside Street View is a particular impressive Technology.

Most of the Greater Belfast area has been mapped in detail. Go to Google Maps and search for the street you most interested in.


On the map you will spot a yellow character icon on the top of the map scale meter. I have indicated with the number 1.


Drag this character on to the map to activate the Street View features. Street View is completely 3D so you can spin on a pin point to see the various buildings in the surrounding area.

The roadmaps are also displayed in the map allowing you to visually travel up and down the various streets you are on. Click on an arrow to progress in any selected direction.


You can return to the standard map view at any time by clicking on the map box on the bottom right of the screen


Better again, Street View is also available on the iPhone maps application. Load up Maps and search for your destination.

You will spot the same yellow character icon on the map pinpoint, click on this to activate the Street View.

As you can see in the screen shot below the view is equally as impressive on the phone as it is on the desktop application.

Don’t be surprised if the weather suddenly changes as you move down the street, Google obviously photographed the streets on a number of stages throughout the year.

Around the City Hall you can move from very sunny to very wet weather in a few steps (much like real life perhaps).

Now you can check out holiday locations before your flight or track the route from the airport to the hotel so they are familiar surroundings when you arrive.


It won’t be too long before we are receiving  3d directional videos showing us how to get from A to B.

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