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Our Final Predictions For Apple Media Event 'Lets Talk iPhone' –

Our Final Predictions For Apple Media Event 'Lets Talk iPhone'

As we have got closer and closer to the event more and more evidence has came out that Apple will not be releasing an iPhone 5 but an iPhone 4s. A lot of people are still questioning that we will not see an iPhone 5 because of the amount of cases which have recently flooded the Chinese  market this could be a very early leak for the iPhone 5 which should scheduled to be released next year or Apple has just got one over and the Case manufactures but we are 99% sure that we will not see an iPhone 5 tomorrow.

Why do we think no iPhone 5

We have seen a lot of internal screenshots and images with proof of the iPhone 4s but no were has the iPhone 5 appeared. The only evidence backing the iPhone 5 at this time is the cases. The rumors are suggesting that the iPhone would come with a bigger screen but no developers have been notified about resolution changes.

So what to expect tomorrow

Of Course the iPhone 4s Known as N94

  1. We are expecting it to be identical to the iPhone 4
  2. Similar specs to an iPad 2 with A5 Processor and better graphics
  3. Better Camera ,8 Mega Pixel Sony Camera
  4. Voice assistant suggested by event title
  5. We are also expecting the iPhone 4s  to come with 1GB of Ram
  6. Another little shake up we are expecting is the iPhone to be available in 16GB , 32GB,64GB

Another Product Lower Budget iPhone 4 Know inside as N90A

  1. Again identical to an iPhone 4
  2. Come only in 8GB
  3. Launched at a lower price.
  4. Less battery life


We are not expecting much in the way of iPods this time but we maybe see a White iPod Touch and also we believe we will see a price cut in the iPod touch 8GB.


We have also seen a few rumors that we maybe get a little surprise with a new product as the rumors suggest that there is boxes in Apple’s retails stores which say do not open toll October 4th, But we have still got no solid evidence.


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