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OtterBox Defender for iPhone 5 Review

As you may know, the iPhone 5 is both a highly valuable piece of hardware and all too easy to damage, at least superficially. While the scratches your iPhone can amass do not affect its performance, they are unsightly and ideally avoided, which is why you need a decent case to protect it, especially if your lifestyle is of the rougher persuasion. OtterBox have always provided reliable protection for our devices and now we have the Defender for the iPhone 5, which can be yours for $49.99.

As iPhone 5 cases go this really is as good as they come, although its bulky nature may put some people off. But it has been designed this way for a reason as its sturdy structure means your iPhone 5 is protected from drops, scratches and dust thanks to the three layers of protection it offers, as well as the screen protector. Generally it does its job extremely well but there are some areas that it does not quite cover.

First of all, there are some minor areas that remain unprotected and they are the speaker, microphone and camera but then this is purely for practical reasons and should not really be considered a flaw. There are also access points for the volume, lightning connector and headphone jack, which include flaps of rubber to protect them when not in use but can easily be opened when you need them.

The only area where it really fails however is water protection. The case is not watertight and if you happen to drop your iPhone 5 and submerge it in water it will sustain damage as normal. But the protection is adequate against less extreme exposures, such as splashes or the rain.

As is usually the case with heavy-duty protective cases, one of the main strengths is also something of a weakness and that is the fact that it cannot be opened so easily. There are six different clasps all working together to keep it locked and admittedly it does a great job of keeping your iPhone 5 safe but you will have to struggle a bit to get it open. However, putting the case on it is easy enough and that is the important part.

There is one more flaw, but again it is a minor one. The sheer bulk of the case may prove a bit too cumbersome for some but for the protection it offers, this is a very small complaint to have to deal with. As it is the Defender keeps your iPhone safe from various shocks and potentially dangerous environments and if you do drop it, you will understand why that extra bulk is necessary. However you feel about it, it does at least look good and the screen protector is as good as invisible, provided you clean the inside of it first.

If you are in need of protection for your iPhone 5, the OtterBox Defender is a great choice that will keep it free of scratches however harsh the environment may be.

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