Lenovo Plans To Use Motorola To Exceed Apple & Samsung

Lenovo has been in the spot light ever they surprised us with the recent acquisition of Motorola from Google. Lenovo’s CEO, Yuanqing Yang did an interview with American news website CNNMoney in which he talked a […]

Feedly Pro Launches For $5 A Month

After the closure of Google Reader earlier this year, Feedly appeared to be one of the top RSS replacements. The Pro version was launched today to help keep the servers online and will cost […]

Voice Search Features Now Available In Chrome

At the Google I/O keynote earlier this month Google revealed they would be bringing Google-Now like features to Chrome for desktop. The new update looks similar to the UI in the Google Now mobile […]

Google Glass The Next Apple II

Google Glass has received a mixed reaction from the selected users who currently have access to the wearable device, some say it is pointless and others suggest they could not live with out. […]

Major New Games Announcments at E3

With E3 2011 now finished, there have been some very interesting things revealed for the gaming industry oer the coming year.  Here are some of the major developments at the Expo. The Adventures […]