Forget Touchdroid how about LinuxPad –

We have had reports that German IOS Developer Patrick Wildt is working to allow you to be able to run Linux on some iDevices through a certain jail brake hack. You can expect […]

We now have our own App Store –

A great step in the right direction for our website. We have now got our own online app store for IOS. The app store has all the latest and greatest iPhone and also […]

Steve Jobs Not Looking So Well. –

Photos have been taken of Steve Jobs former CEO of apple two days after his resignation. To be honest he is not looking so well. In his resignation letter he said ” If […]

Apple Hire JailbreakMe Founder –

Comex, the hacker/founder behind,is now reported to be joining Apple as an intern. was the website in which it made it extremely easy for users to jailbreak their iDevices devices simply […]

App Store's New Face! –

Apple has released  and begun to role out a new redesign for category home pages in the App Store. This means a new category feature will give the app store a more 21st century look. this feature has […]

Steve Jobs has truly gone –

After Steve Jobs resignation yesterday we had released that the Apple’s press website had not updated their leader board which give some people the reason to believe it was a hoax.But not Its […]