Apple lawsuit may delay the new IPad 3/2S –

Yesterday, We released a story about Apple and a recent lawsuit against the name “IPad” (story can be read here) Rumor’s are now saying that this may delay the Ipad 3 until April. But understand this is just a rumor […]

The name "IPad" Is Copyrighted? –

There has been reports and rumors since 6:00 PM EST on Feb. 7th 2012 that Shenzhen-based Proview Technology in Taiwan is accusing Apple of Copyright Infringement against the name “IPad”. The name was under copyright with the Proview brand […]

How SOPA & PIPA could affect the UK –

Our friend JeepersMedia has made a nice video on how the SOPA and PIPA acts could affect the UK. We know how a large proportion of our viewers are from the UK and […]

S.O.P.A. Is D.E.A.D. –

As of this afternoon on January 20th, 2012, US Congress has droped the SOPA/Protect IP bill. This bill was to protect entertainment companies from illegal downloads on the web as well as giving congress the power to block, sue […]