Gliph Private Messaging App Supports Bitcoin Again

The makers behind the Gliph private messaging app have once again allowed Bitcoin’s to be sent using the application. The reversal comes after Apple changed its stance on Bitcoin at this years WWDC […]

Sam Sung Apple Worker eBay's Name Card

Sam Sung, from Vancouver, Canada, worked at the city’s Apple store and is selling his staff lanyard and business card for charity. Sam Sung from Vancouver is named after Apples arch nemesis Samsung […]

VISA Partnership With Apple Is A Real Possibility

Apple and VISA could be set for a partnership which could take mobile payments to the next level Changes in VISA’s new system could allow for more security and improved mobile payments, with […]

Apple Announce Beats Layoffs While Top Jobs Stay

Apple has announced it is laying off some 200 staff from their Beats acquisition while several top jobs will remain. If your looking for Trent Reznor, Ian Rogers, and billionaire Dr. Dre, then […]

Russia Eyes Apple Code as Cold War Tensions Mount

Russia has ordered Apple to hand over its source code with Moscow fearing iDevice’s are being used as spying products. Russia has been causing many problems in the world lately and it now […]

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