Apple releases new "All on iPad" Ad

Apple today launch their new TV commercial named “All on iPad” the commercial concentrates on what you can do on an iPad with the apps which are available.  The advert, which you can […]

Twitter Is Currently Down

We have tried to access Twitter only to find out that the site is currently down. The official Twitter website is not loading and also new tweets are not appearing on the iOS […]

Apple's New iPad Launches In China Today

Apple today launched the new iPad in China which is right on schedule. The public in China were able to start reserving the new iPad from yesterday. This was in hope of resolving […]

How To Make The iPad's Smart Cover Even Smarter

Kickstarter has brought us many great products and projects in the past but the latest project to hit the shelves is that of the Smarter Stand for iPad. The Smarter Stand for iPad […]