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Organize Yourself With Mac

Organize Yourself With Mac

Couldn’t remember when it started, I no longer using an organizer to jot down my daily routine, plan my daily schedule. I also no longer needed a CD player to listen to music. Now, I will only need to do everything with an iPhone or my Mac laptop on hand.

Previously, it looks so smart when a person have an organizer on hand. It shows how serious and well plan a person could be. But in another hand, I believe that person also may have boxes to keep those past year organizer and high possibility those old organizer will no longer able be reuse or to be use to keep track earlier note. It is very sad that if there are some note that can be use yet couldn’t put on table because it was too difficult to be found.


It was so simply compared to the traditional organizer book. There are no new recovery organizer book needed annually, it is easy to search for the previous contents, more environments friendly since it doesn’t consume any paper and for most, through Mac app, we can always get the recovery data that needed anytime we want which equal to saving time-consuming in summary. All we need to do is to click a few buttons when necessary and do all the complete scheduling when we are free. Now it is even better because Mac had come out with better app where all the basic program and app short cut already create for those beginners. All this will definitely be helpful for the user and it even simplify the complication that the busy user will need to face.

For most people, it must be surprising how can we actually retrieve all the data that we had once drop or place into recycle bin. It’s simple, Apple had always improve through the feedback from customer, as most of us always do a silly mistake which is click wrongly to delete off some data that we once though it wasn’t useful anymore. Now, Apple had created an app that enable customer to run the software and retrieve it back when needed. Of course there are some controlling as well to avoid any irresponsible person who sabotage other people’s personal data. This way, we also don’t have to worry whether the person who helps to do recovery will actually sabotage our data and do some silly action on it as the Hong Kong issue.

Additionally, Mac app also enables their customer to do their own back up. Previously, I can still remember that we always need someone who professes in this field to help do the backup, if we are too late; there is always risk that we lost all the data without having a chance to back up first. Other than that, the iPhone or the Mac library can help to keep more than a stack of DVD for backup. Other than self secure, with this, it will also helps to organize the data that we needed, it even helps us to save up more space as we only need a memory card to save everything.

Another thing that makes me fall in love with Mac will be the Mac data recovery system. Most of the time when we forgot to save or our hard disk had corrupted due to some error, we will need be ready that those data will no longer available. But through Mac, all the data can be recovered. This actually will let the user feel more secure, maybe due to the stress full environment, most of the time will forget to save, or worst sometimes will simply click on wrong button in blur situation. Luckily all of this clumsy behavior had been put in mind by Apple. Indirectly, Mac actually had pre-built a backup on everything, from the deleted data to the unsaved file. All are so considering for the user.


By using Mac, now everything from the working, to my personnel schedule all will be place in it. Previously I will have an organizer on hand, now I will have iPad on hand. Everything is better organized, simple and most important more environments friendly (as there are less paper will be use). So why still remain on the same ground, must move on for better life.


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