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Orb Audio Mini-T Amp And Speakers

Orb Audio Series has been successful in creating a stellar reputation for excellent home audio with the help of their award winning modular high-end system based in and around the iconic speaker which is spherical and for which it has been named.

Orb  audio mini t photo

But then came the era of iPhones and other iDevices which rapidly gained pockets thereby, creating a massive market which is more compact, bears a high-end audio layout as well as a less complex setup. Keeping all these elements in their mind, the company came up with a solution by obtaining a pair of celebrated spheres, combine them into a small amplifier and name it Orb Audio Mini-T Amplifier and Speaker Package which will be an ultimate speaker solution for your iDevice or Mac operating systems.

The Upside

The way in which the sound of the speaker comes out simply does not have any problem. There are sounds like canaries and other twinkling sounds which makes the sound very ear-like.  Moreover, the Orb Audio also performs an excellent function of imparting dimensionality and depth into the sound released. The bass area performs a very good job as well which is a plus in the speaker system.

The speaker package contains all what can be expected from such high-end products. The connector of the system is the speaker cable which connects the Mini-T Amplifier with the speakers; hooking the speakers in very easily where the cable is crossed via two terminals at the back position of each speaker. The only cable which you have to deal with is the 3.5 inch thick which develops a connection between the iDevice and the Mac OS X with the Mini-T Amplifier.

The design of the Orb Audio is pretty much like small balls which make them very convenient enough to setup practically anywhere. Moreover, the modular nature they hold a bundle of setting options with the additional option of stand which allows multiple Orbs to be placed on a single holder. The Orbs are quite attractive and is made available in a verity of finishes such as silver, white and black. These finishes are been formulated o match practically any décor of your Mac place.

This custom and modular approach used by the Orb turned out to be a great quality of the speaker system. There is a vast range of components from which the user can select the one of his choice so as to create a perfect surround sound. A limitation to this system is that it might not be a perfect choice for a small operating system.


The Downside

The design of the Mini-T amp falls a bit short from what is expected from a $300 amplifier system. Moreover, the use of plastic material is quite in abundance which makes the look of the entire system a less charming. But these are small drawbacks. The major downside of Orb is that the speakers do a great job for what they are actually designed to do, but, they simply do not have a low-end punch. It has no bass in it which makes it half of the quality but the addition of the sub-woofer has bought a bit back in it. The Orb should still refine its qualities as there are much better options available in the market under the price tag.

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