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Optimization of Apple Mail

Optimization of Apple Mail

If you want the best mail client for your Mac OS X, then it is certainly Apple’s Mail application. It comes with each Mac, it is free, and it supports about all email accounts, so check it out if you haven’t done so yet. Though it is a great mail application, but it does have some room for improvement, and you might have noticed that it gets slower with time- particularly when you have lots of contacts or if you have lots of mails in your mailbox.

Trim it down

The first thing to do is to trim down your mailbox. Just make another folder and move old emails in that folder. When you do this, Mail will load only the most recent emails, and thus the speed will increase. Your bandwidth is saved, especially if you have a limited mobile connection.

Rebuild it

If you do not want to trim down your mailbox, then you can rebuild it regularly. Like other things, mailboxes also get corrupted over time and hence they take more time to load. You can select Rebuild option from Mailbox menu. This would get rid of errors and you will have faster speed.

Clean it

If you want to do more housekeeping of your Mailbox, then you must clean your recipient’s lists. When you send a mail to anyone, the email program stores their names and email ids. You might not want to mail them again, so they just keep occupying extra memory. Clean them up. Go to Window menu and select Previous Recipients to clean the list.


If you use Mail for RSS feeds, then you should go through the subscriptions and delete the obsolete ones. As the number of posts increase, they take up extra space, thus slowing down the Mailbox. Cleaning them up would speed up your system.

These solutions would make your Apple Mail work faster and better. Do you have some tricks too? Don’t forget to share them here using the comments area.

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