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Operating Systems Considered As Irrelevant

There has been past decades on which we have been debating over the operating systems, some rendering the Mac OS X as more powerful than the windows operating system, some say that upgrading to Windows 7 will get the job done whereas, there is a community which also believes that Linux is the best of all. It should be notified here that all such arguments will soon become history.

The reason is the advancements in the fields of virtualization, the technology of cloud as well as the web. These factors have made the aspect of which operating system is better a bit behind as it does not matter any more. The same concept is applicable on the smartphones and tablets market.

From, it should not be thought that operating systems are completely irrelevant. the point to clear is that operating system will live as long as computers are being used on Earth, but will matter to only those people who are behind the screens.

take a look onto the desktop. So many applications can be used by the help of the web browser. Moreover, there are several web browsers nowadays, such as the Google Chrome which has been designed on the concept that it is the browser which is really required by the user, and this idea is further extended by Google by developing a software eco-system which is inclusive of Gmail for email purposes and Google Docs for office related applications. The primacy of any of the web browser is arriving in the similar way as it is in the web technology which has an example of rising of the HTML 5 which has the ability to further power boost the web browser.

On the hand, the software as a service, which was initially considered to be used for business applications is becoming more and more common in the settings of the users. This plan cannot be solely associated with Google as other options which include applications such as DropBox which has been formulated to offer the users a universal access to store in their data and files without any need for an additional file server. Moreover, the iCloud of Apple Inc. has also been designed to offer storage facilities and other services such as media serving, contact management into the cloud services and emails. Microsoft also made its way along with the launching of app such as Office 365.

At the back of all this, those data centers which are constituted on the cloud service, creates a rack after rack compiled of servers spin up and virtualized operating system instances as required so as to meet the growing demands of the users. Within the IT aspect, the need to fulfill this growing demand by breaking out a physical server out from the storage is no longer required. s a matter of fact, an automatically devised program or a system administrator can simply make a request for extra storage space or more CPU power.

Concluding, it can be said that computing will soon become a commodity. Till when the internet connection stays with us, not much though will be given to the operating systems onto their details.

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