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Nowadays a lot of activities is done online, so there’s a wide variety of paid online services to choose from. What should be taken into account when choosing the service that fits you best? The “Online Service Reviews” section of Mac-Reviews will give a detailed answer to this question by comparing the most known paid online services and highlighting the most powerful ones. We keep the info up to date for you to be abreast of the latest news and changes!

Inky is a Fun, Friendly and Free Mail Client


If you already use Apple’s Mail then chances are you are perfectly happy with it and see no reason to change. This is perfectly reasonable because it is a great mail client but if you are still looking for iPhone App Review

It is always nice to meet people who appreciate the smaller things in life and it is even better if you happen to be one of those people. Social networks may be full of people being all negative, whether

FreshBooks Review

FreshBooks is an online service for business management. As similar desktop apps, FreshBooks has the following functionality: – Income and expense tracking, – Estimates management, – Invoicing, – Customer payments, – Human resource […]

Rdio Review

Rdio is an online service that enables you to listen to music and download it using your browser. Unfortunately, this service is available only for the US and Canada. You can subscribe to […]

Less Accounting Review

Despite its name, Less Accounting offers a full package of accounting tools that can be used for a small business. Moreover, it’s Web-based, which makes it even more convenient. The price of the […]